Solutions Autotag products provide for the Real Estate Industry

Autotag's products enable both the Sales and Property Management Division of Real Estate companies to operate in a more efficient, streamlined and uncluttered environment.

Real Estate Sales and Property Management personnel can efficiently manage keys for both sales and rental properties by using our bold blue or yellow keytags for the master keys and spare keys. Autotag's cabinets are secure and satisfy insurance companies that client's keys are secure.


Autotag's market leading key tags give you a robust, rapid method of identifying keys of all kinds. Designed for any key, they are an inexpensive quality product developed over many years for both Sales and Property Management establishments in the Real Estate Industry:

  • Property identification data easily visible even when hung in a storage cabinet or safe
  • High quality, made from semi-rigid, recyclable polypropylene plastic
  • With steel rings
  • Pre-printed and formatted for property details
  • Available in Yellow or Blue for property segmentation
  • Supplied with waterproof marker pens in a handy dispenser box

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Key Cabinets and Storage Systems

67 Key Capacity Cabinet

Autotag secure key storage cabinets are specially designed for large keys and remote key fobs, ideal for today's vehicle keys and multi-key entrance protection for buildings. No more grappling with keys falling off hooks or crunching into each other when the cabinet is closed. Everything you need for rapid identification of each key using Autotag's key tags.

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Tag Wall Dispenser

Visual planning systems 205-31
  • Wall mounted
  • Suitable for storing tags, rings and marker pens
  • Robust steel construction
  • Dimensions: H10cmxW43cmxD4cm


Price: $84.40+GST